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Dr. Nacoste Speaks Against “America… Love it or Leave it” Bigotry

America… love it or leave it!

How have we come to this level of bigotry and hate for America’s neo-diversity? How have we ended up having this bigotry shouted from the office of the Presidency?

Back in 2013, my students said I “had to” do a TED talk about neo-diversity. Pushed by my pushy students, I did nineteen (19) minute TEDxNCSU talk with the title, “Speaking Up For Neo-diverse America.” I started that talk singing, yes singing “America the beautiful.” That was my way of getting the listeners to begin to really evaluate “….love it or leave it” bigotry.

My TEDxNCSU talk came to mind because of President Trump’s recent immoral and bigoted statements saying to other Americans “… if they don’t like it here, go back where you came from…”

In that TEDx talk I say that too many Americans have bought the sales pitch of “America the beautiful” and so don’t want to hear about the injustices we have done and do. Having let the sales pitch influence them to buy an unrealistic, shiny image of America, when someone points out our real and ongoing dirty American engine problems of injustice, those who have bought the sales pitch say “America… love it or leave it.”

That has never, and will never, work.

If you’re interested in my TEDxNCSU talk, here’s the link:

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  1. Anne Collins Says:

    Dr. Nacoste’s TEDx talk entitled “Speaking Up for Neo-diverse America” is as pertinent today as it was several years ago when he made it. His latest book, To Live Woke, provides thoughts about actions that can be taken to better relationships with those who are not like “us”.

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