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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Installment 1: Something That Didn’t Happen

“He had a memory of something that didn’t happen.”

“Something That Didn’t Happen” is a social-justice-fantasy novella about how together, friendship, a song, literature, an elder, and hope kept Civil Rights history moving forward in time.

Ro-bear travels back to his childhood home of Opelousas, Louisiana to try to recover and understand a memory of a mysterious event from his high school years.

Back at home in Opelousas, Ro-bear must confront his old classmate Soothsayer and the event that occurred in 1960’s Louisiana. In this installment, pushed by his old classmate Soothsayer into an unwanted encounter with Delores’ son, Ro-bear decides he must relive that event through a manuscript that is a record of all that happened.

Here the story of “The Seven” begins: Installment 1 Something that didn’t happen

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