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Sunday, September 06, 2020

Installment 10: Something That Didn’t Happen

For those who have been listening to my novella, “Something That Didn’t Happen,” there’s one bit more.

One faithful listener expressed their enjoyment and said, “I hope this is semi-autobiographical, that some of these characters and places are based on real people and places from your childhood.”

To learn the truth of that statement, listen to Installment 10, my “Author Historical Notes” on the elements of the real-life origins of “Something That Didn’t Happen”: Installment 10 Author Historical Notes

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Installment 9: Something That Didn’t Happen

“These are they who have come out of the great tribulation.” 

Ro-bear got through the reading of the manuscript. To himself he muses, “Soothsayer and Delores’ son had sat with me while I read.  They had seen and heard all of my reactions. They had heard me laugh out loud, whimper; cry.”

Even though he has just read the manuscript, the story of “The Seven” he recorded, Ro-bear is uncertain of the truth.

Sitting with Soothsayer and Delores’ son, Ro-bear says, “I remember the storm.  I remember being in it.  Lots of the story is true, but some of it seems so impossible. That makes me doubt it, you know.”

But Delores’ son has his own tale to tell. A tale of the ghostly appearance of Ro-bear when Ro-bear brought him the manuscript. A tale that adds to the story of “The Seven” in a startling way, through the words of Delores herself.

Yet all tales and stories must end somehow. And that is where we are now; at the end, where those who lived the story must part from each other and from we who took the time to listen.

“If we do meet again, why, we shall smile. If not, why then this parting was well made./”

With Installment 9, the story of “The Seven” concludes: Installment 9 Something that didn’t happen

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Installment 8: Something That Didn’t Happen

Ironhorse says he is going back to football at J.S. Clark.

It’s after the storm, after the battle in the storm, and The-Six are having trouble sticking by each other.

Back at school, at Holy Ghost, in class, they are finishing up Shakespeare’s Julius Casear with The-Edward-Vincent who surprises them all.

Papa Raphael is sick. He calls for Ro-bear to tell him one more thing about the bon lu kur. But it seems too late. The-Six are unsettled; by what happened they seem haunted. A storm is raging through their fellowship of hope.

One last scene from the play and The-Five who had been “The-Six” and “The-Seven” bid their farewell to the ghosts of their Caesars.

“O mighty Caesar! Dost thou lie so low?  Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee well.”

With Installment 8 the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 8 Something that didn’t happen

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Thursday, August 06, 2020

Installment 7: Something That Didn’t Happen

Hurricane Betsy arrives.

“For now, this fearful night there is no stir or walking in the streets, and the complexion of the element in favor’s like the work we have in hand, most bloody, fiery, and most terrible.” Julius Caesar; Cassius Act 1, Scene 3.

Now the six must find a way to come to together to stand against “The Binders.”  In the storm, they do face “The Binders.”

“The Binders” are devious.  “The Binders” appear in an unexpected form of someone “The Six” all know. And standing with that someone is a monstrous Hells-Gator.

In the face of that horror, the strength of the-six wavers until they become “The Seven.” When the-six become “The Seven” they are strong, for a little while. Then Ro-bear gives up leadership and Delores’ voice speaks of and rings out with hope for the future.

Can “The Seven” stand in as the hope of humanity; will their bon lu kur bring the help they need for this battle?

“And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought back.” (Revelations 12:7)

With Installment-7 the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 7 Something that didn’t happen

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Installment 6: Something That Didn’t Happen

Even with Couchemar disturbing their sleep, things seem to go back to normal. Three of the six together, eating curly fries, playing pinball, going to a football game. But then during that normal time together, something unexpected happens and Dice becomes a reluctant hero.

Even with Couchemar in his dreams, things seem to go back to normal for Ro-bear;  eating Cush-Cush at home, Ro-bear helps his father do janitorial work, but then later Ro-bear’s father delivers a dire lesson and warning about “… the walls.”

Even with Couchemar disturbing their sleep, things seem to be normal; but then Ro-bear watches Dice train and sees that something new is going on with Dice as Coach Paxton teachings Dice to run the high hurdles. Something else too, because Dice tells Ro-bear that Mr. Raphael paid him an almost ghostly visit.

No, nothing is normal. Somehow Dice is involved.

It was starting to rain, and the wind was rising.

With Installment-6 the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 6 Something that didn’t happen

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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Installment 5: Something That Didn’t Happen

After his friends leave Papa Raphael’s house, his grandfather asks Ro-bear to come back inside. Ro-bear can see that Papa Raphael is not himself.

Mr. Raphael tells Ro-bear he has been hearing “The Binders.”

“I can hear them Binders,” he says to Ro-bear. “In the storm, I can hear them binders. “I shouldn’t be able to, but I know I hear them; those Binders.  They must be getting stronger in the storm.”

Suddenly, through Papa Raphael “The Binders” speak.

“Naught had happened like this before.”

In their own voices, speaking through Mr. Raphael Malveaux, “The Binders” tell of their motivation and the battle they are coming to wage. “The Binders” claim that they have already started to wage that battle by sending dreams to the six. We learn what is at stake. We learn what is in Hurricane Betsy.

Now we know, “…there’s a storm coming.”

With Installment-5 the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 5 Something that didn’t happen

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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Installment 4: Something That Didn’t Happen

Some strange things did seem to be going on in Opelousas.

Ro-bear’s grandfather has asked for Ro-bear, Ironhorse, Delores, Earl, Kool-Aid and Ghost to come to his house. Not all of the six wants to do this. They argue, but then Delores says something about having dreams that brings them together in a rough agreement. Each of these six know they have been having troubling dreams, so eventually they go to see Raphael Malveaux, Ro-bear’s grandfather who everyone knows is a healer, and maybe more.

And so. they leave school together; walk and talk about what’s been happening in Opelousas. Some strange things did seem to be going on.

Images of the Virgin Mary appearing. Ro-bear’s Uncle Joe is involved in a “mustard green murder.”

At his house the six tell Papa Raphael their haunted dreams and he lets them in on what’s really going on. Mr. Raphael tells them why that dream demon Couchemar has come into their lives. He then gives them guidance for the coming battle that will include one other person whose name Mr. Raphael does not reveal. Even though right now they are six, to win the battle, they will have to become “The Seven.”

Some strange things did seem to going on.

With Installment 4, the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 4 Something that didn’t happen

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