Making Gumbo

Installment 5: Something That Didn’t Happen

After his friends leave Papa Raphael’s house, his grandfather asks Ro-bear to come back inside. Ro-bear can see that Papa Raphael is not himself.

Mr. Raphael tells Ro-bear he has been hearing “The Binders.”

“I can hear them Binders,” he says to Ro-bear. “In the storm, I can hear them binders. “I shouldn’t be able to, but I know I hear them; those Binders.  They must be getting stronger in the storm.”

Suddenly, through Papa Raphael “The Binders” speak.

“Naught had happened like this before.”

In their own voices, speaking through Mr. Raphael Malveaux, “The Binders” tell of their motivation and the battle they are coming to wage. “The Binders” claim that they have already started to wage that battle by sending dreams to the six. We learn what is at stake. We learn what is in Hurricane Betsy.

Now we know, “…there’s a storm coming.”

With Installment-5 the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 5 Something that didn’t happen

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