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To Live Woke Book Trailer

If anyone had started to fade into a slumber of forgetting that we are in a struggle to save the soul of America, the unprovoked shooting of this black man Ahmad Abery is another wake up call.

June 1, 2020 is publication date for my new book, “To Live Woke; Thoughts to carry in our struggle to save the soul of America.”  So?

In chapter 25, “Going Home,” I go over the details of the events leading up to the shooting of Trayvon Martin. I do that so that I can make this point: “Too many Americans are struggling with the fact that we can no longer use race, gender, ethnicity or even dress to quickly judge whether another person belongs in the places we go. Continuing to try to use those shortcuts is the shadow-the unacknowledged history of race in America.”

But my book, “To Live Woke,” is about more than one racial incident. My book is about the many neo-diversity (gender, religion, mental health condition, etc) issues America is failing to really deal with. My book is about the need for Americans to take up the struggle anew for the soul of America.

For more on that, listen to my book trailer.

To Live Woke Book Trailer

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