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Installment 4: Something That Didn’t Happen

Some strange things did seem to be going on in Opelousas.

Ro-bear’s grandfather has asked for Ro-bear, Ironhorse, Delores, Earl, Kool-Aid and Ghost to come to his house. Not all of the six wants to do this. They argue, but then Delores says something about having dreams that brings them together in a rough agreement. Each of these six know they have been having troubling dreams, so eventually they go to see Raphael Malveaux, Ro-bear’s grandfather who everyone knows is a healer, and maybe more.

And so. they leave school together; walk and talk about what’s been happening in Opelousas. Some strange things did seem to be going on.

Images of the Virgin Mary appearing. Ro-bear’s Uncle Joe is involved in a “mustard green murder.”

At his house the six tell Papa Raphael their haunted dreams and he lets them in on what’s really going on. Mr. Raphael tells them why that dream demon Couchemar has come into their lives. He then gives them guidance for the coming battle that will include one other person whose name Mr. Raphael does not reveal. Even though right now they are six, to win the battle, they will have to become “The Seven.”

Some strange things did seem to going on.

With Installment 4, the story of “The Seven” continues: Installment 4 Something that didn’t happen

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  1. Monique Mohr Says:

    I am so enjoying your book. I listen while I walk the neighborhood in the morning. I hope this is semi-autobiographical, that some of these characters and places are based on real people and places from your childhood. If so I am enjoying getting to know you better through your story. I guess even if it is not true your voice and character are still coming through.

    So far, you have done a great job building interest in ‘the six’. Listeners feel investing in what happens to them. That is why whatever the ‘moral’ of the story will have so much more meaning to me, because I care about the people in the story. I can’t wait to hear what happens.

    I also think it is very clever to have the events in the story somewhat mirror Julius Ceasar.

    I love hearing about the setting, the small town and the school where the story takes place. I especially like the term ‘sister fit’. I have a favorite nun Sister Renee that I will share that with. She will get a kick out of it.

    My family caught a few seconds of the recording before I plugged in my headphones and they were impressed with the commanding voice I of course remember from NC State. If Robert is based on you, your teen self may not have imagined that your voice would become like your description of Iron Horse’s voice!

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