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Psy 411 Nacoste Dispatch 2 Ten presentations

We are living in an important intergroup transition moment in American history. We all know this, but I know it in an intimate way.

Since mid-June, with the publication of my book, To Live Woke, all manner of groups have called on me in the midst of what I call the COVID-19 Woke effect.

With the hideous murder of Mr. George Floyd in the midst of the social isolation created by the pandemic, America has been forced to look closely at, and been startled into a new awareness of the, sometimes, brutal intergroup dynamics that have been a constant in the lives of African Americans.

Cutting across all the group identities of American culture, that new, startled awareness has activated a hunger to understand and to do something to help “…end racism.” That is where I and my concept of neo-diversity can help people find productive ways of thinking and acting in this new intergroup context.

What is important is that this is really an opportunity moment in our history to talk honestly about all of the us versus them tensions going on in America today.  Here is a glimpse of what I have been up to lately: Nacoste Dispatch 2 Ten Presentations

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